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I am bored

I'm at work and I am bored. Its not that I have absolutely nothing to do. Its just that I don't have much to do and the things which I am supposed to do I don't want to do.

So, I'm filling up my days thinking about buying a new car, a property and how to finance the transaction, playing spider solitaire, reading all the newspapers in the office as well as the job advertisements and other periodicals.

I'm so bored, I don't have anything meaningful to talk about.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Cycling Accidents

My friend David Lim had a cycling accident on 7 November 2004. He was riding with Anthony Farrugia in Akuna Bay and was descending on a left to right hill. According to Anthony, Lim lost control of his bicycle and ploughed head first into a sandstone rock face. His helmet split in 2 and he had blood in his mouth. 2 ambulances attended the scene however he had to be air lifted to the Royal North Shore Hospital.
I found out the news when Nat and I were driving up the Gore Hill Highway on the way to lunch. Dominic from the bike shop called me with the news and I immediately turned off to head to the hospital. I tried to reach Lim's family and girlfriend Jane with not much success. After what seemed like hours, I managed to get in touch with Lim's brother Daniel and got some information from him to complete the admission forms. Nat and I then waited for Lim's family to arrive.
Lim had 2 operations that afternoon and night. The first I think was exploratory in nature. The doctor's prognosis was disturbing. She told us that Lim's brain and swelled up to 3 times its normal size. He would need an operation to remove the front part of his skull (including the temple) to allow the brain to swell. She told us that the there was a slight chance that Lim may not survive the operation and that if he did, he would not be the same person we all knew.
Lim ultimately survived the operation and was in an induced coma for approximately 3-4 weeks. He is awake now and in a rehabilitation centre. He has full control of his movements but less control over his thoughts and memories but that will come back with time.
His family and girlfriend are handling it as well as can be expected. Its going to take a while to recover but I think he will come back in time.

Why I like cycling

I am obsessed with cycling. I cycled 165.7km last week. I have all the equipment. I have 3 jerseys, 3 pairs of cycling shorts (nicks) and a bib and brace. I also have a top of the line helmet from Giro and a heart rate monitor . Apparently, I got my heart rate up to 192 beats per minute while riding round a cycling track.
If I'm not cycling, I'm reading about it on the internet or flip through pages of overseas cycling magazines in Borders. I do not buy these overseas cycling magazines however as they are quite expensive.
I usually go cycling in Parramatta on Saturday mornings at 6.30am with a bunch of people who are much fitter than I am. The numbers range from 6 to 24 riders. We have a 4 week rotation program (2 weeks - Great Western Highway loop, then Merrylands track then a ride through the country). They seem to have an endless amount of time on their hands. On average, they individually ride about 200km per week. They are faster and stronger than I am. The guy who leads the bunch, Geoff Stoker is an Australian Masters Track Cycing Champion. That means that he is a sprinter and has thick tree trunks for legs. He knows all the major cyclists including Martin Vinnecomb and Brad McGee. In fact he invited Brad McGee to come riding with us. If you don't know who Brad McGee is, he won gold at Athens in the track sprint.
During a normal week away from the bunch, I ride 3 times in the morning beginning around 6 to 6.30am. The route I take is from home, Old South Head Road to Campbell Parade (Bondi Beach), up Military Road, left at Old South Head Road to Watson's Bay then via Hoptoun Avenue (Vaucluse) back to Old South Head Road. My average speed is 25km/h. I usually ride for one hour then prepare for work. I followed this regime for a few weeks until Christmas.
Paradoxically, I am also quite lazy. Since coming back from holidays however, I have not gone riding during the week. There have been many excuses - jet lag, fatigue, rain but chiefly its because I'm lazy. So I will try harder from now on.
But I haven't answered my own question. I like it because it is incredibly challenging. It is not easy to ride 70km in one go, especially if you go up and down hills and try to average 30km/h while doing it. Also, it gets you really fit and strong and you learn balance. As it is not a team sport, you have no one to blame but yourself if you are not performing. In other team sports, you can always blame your teammates for your shortcomings.
It is also a very technical sport. There is alot to learn about frames, forks, pedals, materials, measurements, aerodynamics and the like. It is this coupling of technical and physical stuff that makes cycling interesting and thats why I like it. However, I would like it a whole lot better if I was better at it!

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Why do people do this?

Why don't you just meet up over a coffee and talk to each other like in the old days instead of posting comments on blogs.